Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Lindsey Update; Back to the Diet

Well, this is the last Lindsey update I'll be posting on my blog.  It'll be back to the weight loss again (both the blog and I). 

Lindsey is doing remarkably well.  We've been really blessed with everything.  She has been able to recover almost all of the function in her right hand now.  Most of you probably wouldn't know anything had happened to her if you hadn't met her before.  Her last week of therapy is coming up, and it should actually be pretty uneventful.  The therapists have complained this week that they're having a hard time coming up with things for her to do for an hour at therapy.  Also, in another week and a half (the 19th) she'll get her driving privileges back, and be back to all her normal activities. 

We are excited for her therapy to be over.  It's been a HUGE time commitment, and draining for both of us.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family that has helped us in every imaginable way.  We've needed last minute baby-sitters and rides to Boise from Caldwell and back again.  They have been so awesome to come through for us every single time!  I've had to sacrifice a lot of study time, and have admittedly struggled in school this semester (though I'm still passing).  But Lindsey's recovery is going well, so it's worth the hassle. 

We are going back to the neuro-surgeon in another couple of weeks for more CT scans, and a decision as to what treatment may be needed.  Last time we were there, Lindsey still had too much fluid around the area, and they couldn't get a good image.  We're still praying that it will have taken care of itself, and no further treatment will be needed. 

I will post future updates on my Facebook page as we have them.  Thank you all for your concern, support, and love.  We have felt the power of your prayers and your love in our lives, and are so very grateful for everything!