Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8/25/10 Update

Lindsey continues to do well!  She met with the Speech therapist yesterday for an evaluation.  The therapist seemed to think that Lindsey won't need too much therapy.  She indicated that she'll see her some this week and next, then just follow up after a month or so with another couple appointments.  She also said that Lindsey needs to spend more time independently, and they'll get her back to driving in 3 or 4 weeks.  She spent some time alone with Riley yesterday, and all is well. 

The other night Lindsey was able to do some sketching with a pen.  She complained about how bad her sketches were... they were worlds better than I could ever hope to do.  I thought they were quite good.  She also wrote her brother who is currently serving a mission in Lansing, Michigan a letter.  These are big improvements. 

Yesterday there was anbother big breakthrough.  Despite all my efforts, I'm not nearly as good of a housekeeper as she was.  Everything had a place, and was kept in it's place.  I had a hard time knowing where everything went (especially Riley's clothes).  She went through and reorganized the house back to it's normal order.  SO NICE!!!  We were both glad she felt the energy to do it. I'm back in class now, so I'm certainly happy to have some relief.

She's taking fewer naps and doing more.  She is beginning to feel more normal too.  That's the most important thing to us - is that she feels better.  Ever since she had the aneurism, she's been tired and occasionally disoriented.  That's waned away. 

I just scheduled her follow-up CT scan.  We're hoping that shows us that no further treatment is needed!


  1. Sounds like she is on her way to a more normal life as a mom and wife. Such great news.

  2. aaron! i am SO happy to hear lindsey is progressing so well. i think about you guys all of the time. this is GREAT news! keep chugging along, my friend. you are still in our prayers . . .

  3. YAY! That is how I am feeling now...I can actually stand for more than 5 minutes and cook my family meals! My birthday was Sunday and I made dinner and that was a gift in itself! My feet are getting MUCH better! Is she able to have visitors? I understand if she isn't ready yet, but if she does want a visitor maybe I can come on a night my husband can stay home with the kids...let me know.