Monday, August 16, 2010

Therapy Begins

There are a lot of things I'm really good at, being a mom isn't one of them.  I'll be grateful when Lindsey is back at it!  Yesterday she was feeling good enough to go to the first hour of church.  There were several surprised looks when we came in.  It was nice to be there together.  We were late since I was frantically trying to get Riley all ready to go, and I forgot her shoes.  She went without (but at least her socks were cute and matched her outfit).

We went in for the intial evaluation today for Lindsey's PT today.  I was a good experience!  He noted that she did not (as the therapists at the hospital had said) have right side weakness, only a right side delay.  Her right arm is more delayed than her leg.  Her balance is actually quite good, and she has pretty good functionality in her right arm when she chooses to employ it. 

He was extremely optimistic, and told us that a lot of the patients they discharge aren't as well of as she is right now.  He encouraged her to start drawing again, as a way to regain some of the fine motor control and practice her art again, but told her not to get discouraged.  We both really liked working with him as he seemed experienced, competent, and knowledgeable.  He also told us that he probably didn't need to spend much time with her - only a couple more weeks.

We also met with the social worker who seemed impressed (thanks to all of you!) by the amount of support we had.  She expressed that it was vital to have such encompassing support. 

Lindsey only has PT once more this week, then will have it two or three times the next few weeks.  I imagine that will be all she needs.  She starts Speech Therapy next week and Occupational Therapy the following week.  Speech, Occupational, and the neuro-phsychologist will assess her ability to drive in three to four weeks.  I imagine she'll be fine to do so by then. 

Overall, things are looking VERY good!  We went to Boise State to get my books for fall, then to lunch after the appointment.  She was exhausted by then, and is now fast asleep.  I am continuing to be Mr. Mom, and am realizing just how difficult a job she's been doing! 


  1. i'm sure lindsey is just as anxious to get back to things as you are, and it will happen in due time. until then, thoughts and prayers are with you

  2. Aaron, I am so thankful that you are updating this! Your optimism is fantastic, and while I wouldn't wish your circumstance on ANYONE, you seem to be thriving despite it. Our prayers continue to be with you and your sweet family. Riley is so lucky and fortunate to have amazing parents, and I know you can do this, and EVERYTHING that will be asked of you in the next several weeks, months, and years as you continue to be the great husband, son, dad, brother, uncle, student, and all that you are doing. You are awesome. Keep your chin up!

    Jill Peterson (Jon & Amanda's Sister in Law)

  3. I am so thrilled and so happy for all of you!!! Bunches of love! Leila

  4. What good news! What a relief to know that her abilities will return in time and practice. I would love to take a "shift" if needed on Tues/Thurs. to be with Lindsey when you return to work/school. Gunnar goes to prerschool those days so all that I would have is my 6 week old.

  5. Aaron you are doing great! The fact you guys came to church is awesome! I am so happy to hear things are getting better! Seriously let me know if I can do anything...I am just up the road!